Here you will find some of the answers to your questions

  1. Q: What are the parents?
    A: As of right now we only have 2 breeding females of age. Our girl Nova is a silver beige moyen size poodle whose about 25lbs. Our girl Willow is a medium/standard F1bb reversed English Goldendoodle whose around 45-50lbs.
  2. Q: Do you own any males?
    A: For our past few litters we have used outside stud services from other reputable breeders. We will be placing our very first stud in a guardian home Mar. 2017
  3. Q: What generation are the puppies?
    A: We currently only breed the multigene
  4. Q: Do you offer any health guarantee?
    A: Yes all of our puppies come with a 2yr health guarantee contract
  5. Q: Can we meet the parents?
    A: The moms absolutely and this is only before being bred or if we have no puppies on the premises. Since we are using outside stud services the dads will not be on the premises, but I can advise you we only breed to well tempered males and one that callobrates with our girls very well.
  6. Q: Have the parents been health tested?
    A: All of our breeding dogs have been DNA health tested as well as any coat testing
  7. Q: Do you have a kennel?
    A: No we do not have a kennel, we’re a small hobby breeder and all our dogs leave in our townhouse with us.
  8. Q: Where do the puppies stay?
    A: Puppies are born in our family area, once mom is done whelping and everyone is cleaned. Mom and puppies are moved to our guest room where I stay with them for the first 2-3 weeks depending on how mom is handling her duties.
  9. Q: Do you train the puppies before leaving?
    A: We do work on some training with the puppies, we start litter training around 2.5 weeks old and at 6 weeks we start basic obedience and crate training.
  10. Q: Will our puppy be housebroken and crate trained before coming home?
    A: We do not guarantee a puppy being trained before leaving us, we do give you a chart to follow to help with potty training and if consistent the puppy can be trained by 4 months of age. We have had puppies go home that has done very well inside the crate with no accidents.
  11. Q: What products do you recommend?
    A: Please refer to our tab on Recommended Products
  12. Q: Have the puppies been socialized?
    A: We start handling the puppies from the time they are born. Once puppies are up on their feet we expose them them to different sounds and textures. At 4 weeks we start allowing families to come and play with the puppies as well having family and friends over to interact with the puppies. We raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture protocol.
  13. Q: How do I get on the list?
    A: You will need to fill out our puppy application, after approval of application you have 48hrs to reply to my email and get me your deposit or mailed in to lock in your spot on the list. We will not guarantee a spot until deposit is confirmed.
  14. Q: How do we pick our puppy?
    A: Puppy selection is based on order of deposit no exceptions, and done at 6 weeks of age. You can either come to our home for a puppy slection, pictures or a live video.
  15. Q: What is temperament testing?
    A: Please refer to the Temp Test tab. 
  16. Q: When can we take our puppy home?
    A: Puppies are not allowed to leave until 8 weeks of age, No Exceptions!!!
  17. Q: Am I first on the list?
    A: Breeders reserve the right to hold/keep back 1 or 2 puppies from any litter and this is to continue our lines.
  18. Q: Do you guarantee gender, coat type or color?
    A We do not guarantee neither, we don’t know the gender until puppies have arrived so if you’re far down on the list I ask families to be open minded on gender and color. If there’s not a puppy that interest you, your deposit will be moved to the next litter.
  19. Q: Are deposits refundable?
    A: Deposits are non refundable, your deposit will roll over to the next litter you’re interested in and valid for 1 yr from the date it was received. However deposits are refundable if there’s no puppy for you to take home around the expected time.
  20. Q: How much are your puppies?
    Please look under our Pricing/Policy tab
  21. Q: What do I feed my new puppy?
    A: We feed our puppies Merrick grain free puppy recipe, when the puppies leave at 8 weeks they are strictly on hard puppy kibble. You are given a small bag of food in the puppy kit, I ask if you are changing foods do a slow 7 day transition.