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Rocco’s Family


We purchased our 2nd doodle and he is wonderful. Our experience with Shady Grove Doodles, from beginning to end, was fantastic. We were kept up to date of every milestone, check up and accomplishment. Our fear of Rocco acclimating when we brought him home was for nothing. This is because Shady Grove Doodles took the time to acclimate Rocco to a crate, pottying outside and some general obedience training. Our experience with our new puppy has been out of this world! Thank you to Shady Grove Doodles for our newest family member!!

Charlie’s Family


My husband and I had the best experience getting our sweet puppy from Shady Grove Doodles. I loved that we got emails and texts on updates about the puppies. This was our first time getting a puppy and Charlie is the sweetest and most well behaved puppy I have ever met. I love how Rechel was and is always available to answer my texts, calls or emails if I have any questions or concerns!

Daisy’s Family


Thank you for your care package that you passed along when Troy picked up Daisy. She loves the pink stuffed dog! She carries it around the house and it stays with her in her crate! It’s the cutest thing. She is doing well, had her first vet visit, shots, is on heartworm and flea medicine and is due to go back in a few weeks. The vet gave her a clean bill of health! We love her so much and she fits in our family so nicely! 

Sonny’s Family

We had been wanting to add a goldendoodle to our lives for a while. My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday so, you guess it, I asked for a doodle. My birthday is April 24th so we started our search at the beginning of march and realized we may not get a puppy by my birthday. But then we found sonny (green boy at the time). I messaged shady grove right away because he was everything we wanted (a boy and the darker golden color) and Rechel got back with me right away. He ended up being perfect for us. Tomorrow will be a week since we brought him home and we are so in love with our adorably smart boy! Forever thankful for shady grove doodles!!!

Georgi’s Family

I cannot believe that she is ringing the bell to go potty outside. She has been so consistent with going potty and uses the bell more and more every day.  She did not have any issues going into her crate from day one. I think our snuggle puppy helped a lot.  We put the crate in our room at night and from the beginning she has not cried at all. We take her out at around 3am just to be safe and once back inside and off leash she follows me right to the bedroom and goes back into her crate.
The trainer was very impressed with the fact that she has caught on to potty training so quickly with the bell and that she sits.
Thank you so much for giving her such a great start and making our transition so much easier!

Beuller’s Family He’s so smart! Climbing stairs and sitting on command, took a long nap in his crate. He’s doing really well at telling me when he needs to go out! Also his new siblings are slowly adjusting. He sleeps in his kennel and whines when he needs to go out. We all love him!!

Maverick’s Family

When we finally decided the time was right to add a puppy to our family we spent time researching dogs to find the right breed for us. We came across golden doodles and knew that is the kind of dog we want. We then came across Shady Grove Doodles!! We loved how we were kept up to date on Willow during the pregnancy and after the puppies were born. Rechel is an amazing breeder who goes above and beyond for the momma, puppies and the families. Her professionalism is beyond measure. We loved being able to meet with momma and puppies a few times. Maverick has been a great addition to our family. My daughter absolutely loves him. Thank you Rechel!

Kalli’s Family

We had researched different breeds of dogs that would be a possibility for us since we aren’t ones for having dog hair everywhere. Also since my husband had never had a dog before, one that would be easy for him to adjust to and also a dog that would eventually be great with children. We came to the conclusion of a golden doodle would be perfect. I had seen a few of my friends like the Shady Grove Doodles page and decided to check it out. I messaged Rechel back and forth a few times inquiring about her doodles. She had a few open spots left for Willow’s litter. After talking it over we decided we were in! Rechel was wonderful through the whole process. Posting updates and pictures of the puppies. I continued messaging her about the process of how deciding which puppy was best for us was done and other questions about them. We went to the Puppy Social and got to interact with all the puppies when they were a few weeks old. It was reassuring for my husband who was still questioning the shedding part. The next step was deciding which puppy we would be bringing home when they were 6 weeks old. We were very anxious and open minded. We had seen pictures posted and updates of all the puppies and loved all of them! The process was very fair, organized and thorough. We ended up picking purple girl and naming her Kalli at that time. Shady Grove Doodles worked with each puppy, and started training it by its name as well as potty training and some other training as well. We picked Kalli up at 9 weeks. She is absolutely a great puppy who you can tell received love, care and some training started. While, yes she is a puppy, we really couldn’t have asked for a better puppy at that! She is very loved and is a work in progress as for training. We really couldn’t have asked for more from Shady Grove Doodles during the whole process. We also know that if there’s any questions or concerns we can always ask/seek advice from them! I highly recommend if you are looking at Doodles that this is definitely a wonderful breeder to go through!

Hershey’s Family

I can’t begin to express how positive this experience has been for us. Rechel kept us updated through the entire process via emails and pictures. She was so responsive to questions and I know now how busy she is but you feel as though you are the only client she is dealing with. Our puppy has exceeded any/all expectations I had and I know that is because of the care and training they got before we brought him home. Our puppy never whimpered in the crate, went to the crate on his own when he got tired, slept through the night, and had been started on the path for house training. I could go on and on but I must go play with Hershey now�

The ONLY drawback for us was the driving distance and the benefits have far outweighed that!!!!

So thankful I was led to this breeder. Hershey has blessed our family and our home now feels complete again.


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