Shady Grove Doodles guarantees your puppy to be in good health on the day of delivery. Your puppy will come with a written health check by our Vet along with an immunization and worming record.

  • It is the buyers’ responsibility to have an appointment prearranged at your Vets office for a well check prior to picking up your puppy in order that he/she can be seen within the three day agreement listed in the contract. This is done in order to establish the puppy was sold to you in good health. Buyer must make Seller aware immediately of any problems found by their Vet through this exam. If Buyer fails to have the new puppy examined by a licensed Vet upon possession within this three day period, they agree the dog was healthy at the time of transfer.


  • Buyer has been made aware that stress brought on by environmental change can often times bring on signs of illness caused by these stressful circumstances. Usually temporary, these still need to be treated with attention especially if there is diarrhea. A healthy immune system can be lowered immediately through stress and it is not uncommon for a pup to be happy and healthy with a solid stool here and in less than a week begin to have diarrhea. This is due to the immune system being stressed during the transition from the home environment to his/her new environment. When a pup has a good immune system in place, his body is able to keep at bay many parasites such as worms and environmental factors such as Giardia, Coccidia. Once it has been lowered, these if present in the system, will flourish when they get the chance. It is nothing to be alarmed about and is very common in puppies. The puppies will act normal and usually have a good appetite but their stool will become soft and sometimes runny. This will need to be treated if observed and your Veterinarian can perform a new stool sample to find out if there is anything present in the pups system if symptoms continue in order to give proper treatment. If this happens in the first week of ownership and after your initial fecal exam and well check with your vet which would fall within the first three days, Shady Grove Doodles will pay for the medication and fecal exam used to treat the loose stool.


  • Buyer is responsible to bring in a stool sample at time of their first vet exam. Seller will pay for any medication needed to treat parasites in the case any were found at this time. This would only be guaranteed if the diagnosis was from test results performed at a lab and not a fecal floatation test performed at the Veterinarian’s office. Lab charges are not covered as this is typical testing of any quality well check exam. Any medication used for treatment after this point will be covered by Buyer.


  • The Buyer has the right to return the puppy to the seller within three days after delivery and receive a refund of the purchase price if the puppy is found by a veterinarian to be suffering from any illness or disease at this time. If the puppy is not examined by a professional Veterinarian within this three day period the above mentioned return/refund policy will be void. We have no control where you will take your puppy after you leave here. It is the buyers’ responsibility to protect the puppy from any contact with communicable diseases by not exposing it to public places and keeping up to date on immunizations. Early socialization classes are so important and I would not worry about this kind of public activity as most reputable classes are held in very controlled environments. Keeping your puppy away from public parks and beaches, etc., until at least 4 months of age or when the puppy has completed its immunizations is recommended.


  • Shady Grove Doodles guarantees the puppy is free of hereditary defects to the best of our knowledge. All of our puppies come with a three year guarantee against life threatening genetic defects. Your puppy will be guaranteed against hip dysplasia, organ failure, or any debilitating disease that would cause the dog to lose quality of life at a young age. Written diagnosis by your vet with proof of lab testing and xrays will be required in the event a dog has lost quality of life at this time by either early onset of debilitating disease or hip dysplasia. OFA Results proving signs of hip dysplasia must be available for all hip guarantees. A refund of half the purchase price or the choice of a replacement puppy would be offered. A written explanation from your veterinarian will be required, with proper identification of your dog including size/weight, sex and color, Microchip number included on the diagnosis. Items not covered under this guarantee would be any form of cancers, allergies, mild skin conditions, occasional seizures, diabetes, hip problems due to an overweight or over worked dog young dog, problems related to parasite infestation or human neglect. Many of these can be alleviated through environmental or diet changes that we have no control over. Please keep your dog up to date on all immunizations and heartworm programs as this will be required to fulfill this guarantee. In the event a pup/dog under two was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer or any illness that would cause his life to be shortened beyond 2 years we would offer a replacement puppy at any time after diagnosis or after loss of the dog due to illness.


  • In the event the puppy was sold at a price other than the going litter price because of age, hair coat, etc. then the half the amount paid for your puppy would be returned or it would be applied toward the full price of a new puppy from a different litter should any abnormalities be found on or before two years of age. A replacement puppy of like kind at no cost may be an option if diagnosis is made within the first year of its life.


  • The buyer shall maintain the puppy in proper condition by adhering to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet and exercise and a safe, clean and loving environment. There is no replacement guarantee or refund for problems attributed to the dogs’ poor health by irresponsible care, conditions caused by dogs being overweight, allergies, accidental injuries or death.


  • All guarantees are to the original buyer and are not transferable.


  • We DO NOT guarantee color, or coat type. This is a mixed breed and they go through all different coat changes, also colors do fade as they progress through maturity.


  • Our puppies are sold as companion dogs (not as breeding dogs, unless discussed). If your dog has not been neutered or spayed within their one year birthday, this entire guarantee will be null and void. Proper vet verification of this procedure will be required in the event you decide to redeem our guarantee. We have this policy because we want to ensure all offspring are the result of responsible breeding procedures and breeding dogs can be very expensive. There are much natural heartache that can occur with owning pet. It’s very important to use healthy stock to breed with other dogs.


We guarantee to be available to you with any future questions concerning your dog. We would love pictures of your dog to demonstrate their success on our website. If you are in the area, visits with your dogs are always welcome at our facility. We would love to watch your pups grow and would want to know of any dogs that have completed any service, therapy dog classes, etc.

If you have any questions about our health guarantee, please contact us.