Updated 03/15/2020    

Thank you for taking the time to visit our upcoming litters page and showing interest in our loving doodles. This page shows information on our upcoming parents.
I always get the right to keep myself as pick 1 &2 on EVERY litter, this will all depend if I’m needing to hold a puppy back and evaluate for breeding quality. This isn’t always the case and half the time the whole litter is sold as just Pet Companions.
I reserve the right to refund any deposit at any time for any reason I deem fit.




Stormie and Kodak(KC) welcomed a beautiful litter of seven(4 boys 3 girls) on March 13th. Expecting size range from 35-45lbs. Puppies will be ready for new homes May 8th.

*This litter is 1800

*We’re accepting applications and deposits for this litter!!!



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