Updated 11/05/2020    

Thank you for taking the time to visit our upcoming litters page and showing interest in our loving doodles. This page shows information on our upcoming Labradoodle Litters.

I always get the right to keep myself as pick 1 &2 on EVERY litter, this will all depend if I’m needing to hold a puppy back and evaluate for breeding quality or if stud owner chooses to pick a puppy. This isn’t always the case and half the time the whole litter is sold as just Pet Companions.
***I reserve the right to refund any deposit at any time for any reason I deem fit.
***Consultation/Holding Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be transferable up to 1 year from signed contract.

Please keep in mind that all planned litters are approximate and not guaranteed, it’s all left up to mother nature. There are also times where Sires’ need/will be changed for litters. Unfortunately I can’t go through answering all emails on heat cycles/pregnancies and all families will be notified immediately for any changes and updates on girls as well as periodic updates throughout the pregnancy.
***Also keep in mind I take every families preferences into consideration but we can’t guarantee color/markings nor gender, it’s all left up to mother nature, so you’ll need to be open or willing to wait for future litters if current litter doesn’t produce desired traits.

I accept 6-8 deposits per litter. In the event that a small litter occurs, the people on the list that do not receive a puppy will have the option to a full refund of deposit or be moved to another litter of their choice(keep in mind that prices vary per litter).
Ultrasounds are performed around 4 week gestation and sometimes were able to get a good count, in some cases an X-ray is performed to get a better puppy count around 58 days gestation.

Kodak x Stormie
Medium/Small Standards(38-45lbs)
Confirmed Pregnancy
Due Nov 15th

Stormie and Kodak  breedings have been completed and expecting puppies in November this will be having a repeat breeding for these two. these are Multigen Australian Labradoodles. Full grown weights are estimated 40-45lbs. These two produces a rainbow of colors (chocolates, blacks, phantons, silver beiger, cream/apricot and abstracts/partis.  Litter FULLY RESERVED

Breedings anticipated: September 2020
Puppies Arrival: November 2020
Take home: January 2021

Previous Litter

Spring 2021 Labradoodle Breeding Plans….

*Pebbles/Sire TBD- This will be a retirement litter for Pebbles. These puppies will be estimated to be around 20-25lbs and will be apricots/red, abstracts and partis. I expect wavy and curly coats. Master Waiting List is OPEN

*We are also welcoming a new girl that we’re anticipating to have a Spring Litter. These puppies will be estimated to be around 20-30lbs and will be caramels, chocolates and some abstracts and partis. I expect wavy and curly coats. Master Waiting List is OPEN