Welcome to Shady Grove Doodles!!!!

Located in Melbourne, Florida. We are able to ship puppies throughout the US. Shipping costs are not included in our prices. Please contact us for more information about flying your puppy home. We bill the actual transportation costs, which will include transportation to and from the airport, vet certified health certificate, other necessary documentation, airline approved crate (in which the puppy will have started its crate training), food, water.

We are committed to providing healthy, loving companions. We are currently focusing on multigenerational labradoodles and goldendoodles. Our top priority is to produce the healthiest, best temperament and personality of this amazing breed. All our dogs live in our home as pets, we do not kennel our dogs, to maintain the number of dogs we have in our home we will be having some upcoming puppies that we will be placing into guardian homes so they will be able to get the love and attention they all deserve.

It has always been my passion to breed since I was a little girl, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I stumbled across the doodle breed, and I began to research and read about their temperament and personalities. My husband and I both loved the golden retriever breed but the shedding was just too much to handle, so after doing research I knew this doodle breed would be the best for us.  I begged and pleading with this guy for months and he finally caved and got us our first F1 goldendoodle puppy.

That dog has been by my side through our very first deployment, and through the heartache and pain from our infertility journey. She is truly my best friend and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect family member.

So we are here to be able to help others to experience the joy from this wonderful breed, and share the love we’ve experienced over the years.