Here I will be posted the items I have used and using in order to raise my doodles as far as housebreaking, grooming tools, food and other supplements.


We are feeding all of our dogs and puppies Instinct Be Natural. Each puppy will come home with a supply of dog food and you’re more than welcome to keep them on the same food are switch, it’s your puppy and totally up to you. However we do recommend doing a slow 7 day transition from this food on to their new food if you do decide to change. Making a quick switch can cause really bad stomach issues and problems with their bowels.

Canned pumpkin is something I always keep on hand, feeding pumpkin helps keep the bowels firm while doing a food transition or if they have an upset tummy for whatever reason and have loose stools. I usually feed 1 tsp when needed. It can also be used for constipation to help balance things as well, but remember to always make sure it says 100% CANNED PUMPKIN, NOT the pumpkin filling. This has been a life saver for me.

Another great product to have on hand, I have used this with my girls coats, bad breath and for putting on itchy spots or sores they have picked at. Nothing but great results from using this.

Probiotic is something I keep on hands at all times, this also helps with the digestive system and keep things regulated. It doesn’t have to be this brand I used this one and several others and have be very pleased with all the ones I have tried.

Nupro is one of the supplements we are currently using, this helps maintain a nice coat and make sure they are getting any vitamins and minerals they might be lacking.

We use the water filter bowl called DogIt, this has been a life saver from having to fill the bowl a 100x a day. It has filters that you replace every so often to help keep the water clean.