Adoption Price & Process

Pricing for Puppies

Shady Grove Doodles Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles multi-generational doodles Andrea Johns Florida Breeder

The price for a companion pet Australian Labradoodle is $2750(plus Florida sales tax if applicable).shipping and delivery NOT INCLUDED. There is no price difference in size or color.

Our flight nanny services is between $375-$575, and puppy is hand delivered to your nearest airport*Depending on your location the price could potentially be less or more

*Prices are subject to change* *New changes doesn’t affect families already on the waiting list*

*Puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter contract*

Your Puppy Comes With:

  • Puppy from health tested breeding parents
  • Two Year Genetic Life-threatening Disorder Guarantee
  • Raised with Puppy Culture
  • Microchipping
  • FL Health Certificate
  • First set of Vaccines & routinely dewormed
  • Started on Flea/Heartworm Preventative

  • A security blanket with mother’s and littermates scent/Puppy Kit
  • 30 Day Trial of Trupanion Pet Insurance
  • Started on crate training and basic obedience
  • Info on how to care for your new puppy
  • Lifetime of support for dogs and their families
  • Support of rehome if needed

How do I purchase a Puppy? And Adoption Process

If you’re interested in a puppy, please read this page thoroughly and review the pdf link for Health Contract . All of our puppies must be spayed/neutered by 12 months of age. We do not place our puppies solely on gender, color or markings.

When choosing a puppy, while color and gender may be deciding factors for families, there are other considerations that’s important for a puppy to fit in with your family. We strongly encourage you to meet puppies in person or virtually to determine best fit. These factors include:

  • Temperament
  • Personality
  • Sensitivity
  • Socialness
  • Curiosity

  1. Submit puppy application. (Please make sure you have reviewed the upcoming litters tab or planned litters).
  2. I will review your application and follow up with a phone interview.
  3. After application and phone interview if you and your family feels its a good fit, you have 24hrs to lock in your holding/consultation fee of $350 (spots on waiting list is not held without secured holding fee)
  4. Placement on the waiting list is in the order applications are received.​
  5. The holding/consultation fee is non refundable ***Holding/Consultation Fee is only refundable in a case where we are not able to guarantee you a puppy due to a small litter. In a case where its the gender or coat color/type all holding fees ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and must be transferred over to another litter and may give you the chance to move higher up on the list.
  6. You’ll receive an email with the holding fee agreement and the sales agreement. These two must be signed and returned immediately. Payment source-No payments accepted at pickup
    *Please do not send deposit without speaking with me
  7. You’ll be added to your litter in order of your deposit. *Please remember its all up to Mother Nature. All breeding times are subject to adjustment. All studs are subject to change prior to honeymoon, in this case all families will be notified.
  8. Watch your email or Facebook group for updates and announcements. Each litter has a private group for their litter to follow along during the pregnancy journey, birth and watch their puppies grow and develop, we also have a group for all Shady Grove families.
  9. Final payment is due by 6 weeks on puppy pick day. All payments are due by 5pm Eastern time. If payment is not received your puppy goes back as pending. You’re either moved to a future litter or you risk forfeited your holding fee.
  10. Puppy pick day and Gotcha Day will be posted in private group or emailed. Puppies will be chosen by you with the guidance of Shady Grove at 6 weeks of age(typically on Saturdays). All puppies go home at 8 weeks of age unless myself or the vet feels they need an extra time with me.
  11. If you need transportation please let me know in advance, all fees must be paid prior to 6 weeks old.
  12. At 7.5 weeks all puppies go for first vet visit and health certificate, puppies are also microchipped.
  13. All puppies must be picked up on the scheduled pick-up date which is when the puppies are 8 weeks old. This date is set when the litter is born and emailed to you with the litter announcement or posted in group. If the puppy cannot be picked up at the 8-week pick-up date, a charge of $50.00 per day will be charged. This fee is applied to the proper care and feeding of your new puppy. If this service is required, prior arrangements must be made. We are not always available for extended puppy care. Please plan your puppy pick-up accordingly.

Shady Grove has the right to refuse the sale of a puppy/dog anytime before the sale occurs. My goal isn’t to just sell a puppy and take a payment, I want the best fit for my puppies and your family. Our puppies going to their forever home is way more important to me. Also if the timing isn’t right for you and your situation, you may request your deposit be moved to a different litter.

Shady Grove Doodles has the right to retain any puppy/puppies for its breeding program, and so it may be that not all puppies in a litter are available as pets.

*Mother nature dictates the gender and there is no way to know how many will be in each litter ahead of time. Coat color is another one we can’t predict, I provide the anticipating colors from the litter and try my best to match families with their preferences but it’s no guarantee!

What you can expect from Shady Grove:

  • I will keep you posted throughout the pregnancy
  • Send out emails/text messages when labor starts
  • Send out a birth announcement once all puppies are born and cleaned up
  • I will provide professional pics at birth(this depends on moms), 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks and updates on puppies progress. I’ll send out more pics and videos in between. Also doing a few live videos
  • At 6 weeks we will help assist in choosing the perfect addition to your family
  • We will forever and always be here for you throughout the life of your new pet

You are always welcome to email me at or call at 478-305-0556 to ask questions about the breed, puppy care, our breeding program and about how we select puppies for our adopting families.