Vistation Policy


Please understand that our visitation policy is to keep our dogs and puppies safe as well as our family. We are a small breeder and these dogs are considered our family pets first before anything. We do NOT have a kennel or a farm with tons of dogs and puppies for you to just come and browse and decide yes we want this one. These dogs and puppies are raised in our home and remain in our home until they leave for their forever homes. We take pride in our furry family members and screen potential buyers to make sure our puppies are going to the best homes.

Trust me I know everyone loves to see puppies and just want to cuddle their little faces and smell puppy breath, but we are constantly busy with our dogs and activities and extremely busy if we have puppies here. So with fitting everyone in our schedules to visit can be very challenging with trying to live a normal life outside of breeding. We love to talk about our doodles and show them off but its on a limited basis with appointments only which are usually held on Saturdays. If its just questions you have, I’m pretty much always flexible with getting back to everyone within 24 hrs.

We allow potential buyers to come and meet our breeding moms before their breeding takes place and as long as we don’t have unvaccinated puppies. Once the breeding has taken place, we do not take visitors. This is too keep our moms safe of any germs that may be brought into our home and to keep their stress level down from any strangers. Our girls have very good temperaments and absolutely love people, but when they are going though all those changes and hormones they go through different moods and during the early stages of pregnancy anything can cause them to abort the litter and its just not worth the risk bringing in people they have never seen before.

Families that are on our waiting list come and visit with the mom and puppies at 6 weeks to select their puppy and to help with socialization.

For families not on our waiting list we do not allow visits. This is to keep our families that have waited 9+ weeks for their puppy to keep them safe, the one thing we do not want is to have to tell a family that they will not be bringing home their puppy because of a careless decision we made in letting someone transmits a deadly disease. However if we still have puppies left needing homes after the 6 week puppy pick, we will allow you to see and interact with the remaining available puppies and this is after you have done a puppy application and phone interview to see if you qualify for a Shady Grove Doodles puppy.

We do keep families updated throughout the whole process from breeding, during pregnancy, laboring and the birth announcing on how many and the genders. Families will get weekly photos via email, text, or the private Fb I have setup for each litter. We also will take pics at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks to see how your puppy is developing and the different colors and hair types. You can visit our FB, IG, and Tiktok as well for updates and see where puppies are being raised.

We ask visitors to make sure you wear clean clothes and shoes, shoes will be taken off at the door so please wear socks or bring socks along on your visit. You will be directed to an area to wash your hands and sanitized them before touching dogs and puppies. We will let you meet momma first (depending on families with allergies, some may be allergic to our girl Lexxie since she does have the Golden characteristics) and then puppies. Each family will have a 30-45min. time block.

No other household pets allowed during visit!!!!!
Again this is for the health and protection of your future puppy as their health and wellness is our primary goal.